From the start there was the line responsibility for the industrial companies and service enterprises



The MIT Holdings GmbH was launched in the early 90’s by Rüdiger C. Olschowy and  Ralf G. Schöpker. In the 90’s the MIT team was involved in projects relating to industrial companies and service enterprises based in Germany as well as in neighbouring countries where they had project leading and accountability status.

1998 the holding company invested for the first time directly in an industrial enterprise followed by founding their first financed fund (Alta Vista Private Equity) that would specifically focus on enterprising ventures.

Nowadays MIT Holding serves as a Family Office. All of the groups business affairs are dealt within the holding directly – direct investment into industrial companies as well as managing the operations of fully owned subsidiaries and an affiliated company in Switzerland (structured as a Swiss Holding).

The MIT initiates and manages Separate Managed Accounts that are all tailored to the needs of the specific and individual investors, i.e. the particular Shari´ah Compliant Account with it’s own Shari´ah Board.

Currently the MIT Fund Management GmbH manages 3 Separate Accounts. The Separate Managed Accounts are based and held in Germany but also in foreign countries.

Today the MIT Group manages...

  • Direct Investments
  • LP Structures
  • Separate Accounts